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The IEEE standard that governs the deployment of 5GHz OFDM systems. It specifies the implementation of the physical layer for wireless UNII b. An international IEEE standard for WLAN networks, operating at 2. 4GHz and providing a maximum data transfer rate of 11Mbps. A proposed standard that describes a wireless networking method for a WLAN that operates in the 2. It transfers data at up to 54Mbps. A-weighting is a standard weighting curve applied to audio measurements, designed to reflect the response of the human ear.

Sound-pressure levels derived using A-weighting are denoted by “dBA,” or A-weighted dB levels. D converter, a circuit that converts analog signals into a stream of digital data. A sensor or transducer for measuring acceleration. Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation: A compression technique that encodes only the difference between sequential samples. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line: A method for moving data over regular phone lines. An ADSL circuit carries much more data than a modem can encode on a regular phone connection. A qualification test sequence for integrated circuits developed by the AIAG automotive organization.

Automatic Gain Control: A circuit that modulates an amplifier’s gain, in response to the relative strength of the input signal, in order to maintain the output power. D conversion, the Nyquist principle states that the sampling rate must be at least twice the maximum bandwidth of the analog signal. If the sampling rate is insufficient, then higher-frequency components are “undersampled” and appear shifted to lower-frequencies. These frequency-shifted components are called aliases. An electromechanical device that converts mechanical power into AC electrical power.