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I looked through less than 50 of them and found some different interesting references. So the question goes beyond taxation, and becomes how can we ever have a sound government, and the answer is by a principled populace. As has been said by Jefferson and Tocqueville, people get the government they deserve. So, this controversial saying was the words of either Alexis de Tocqueville or Jefferson or Shakespeare or Hunter S.

You can see there are tens of thousands of people who do not agree with the saying. I am one of the latter to be frank. And I believe whoever said this would not have said this sentence alone. It could be part of the play, part of the novel, or part of the speech. Therefore, the saying could not be applied to general population all over the world.

As a result of cutting or extracting original words, this controversy had happened. Anyway, I wrote this simply because I want to let those who read my blog know that the saying is not complete and controversial. However, there are people who simply like this quote. There will also be many who disagree with me. To them, I agree to disagree. After all, I believe in unity in diversity. We just have to live in harmony and be united.

Note: Dedicated to my friends who stand on different sides of the fence regarding the matter as well as those who might be interested and those who have no time to do research. May my research help you guys at least a bit. I am one of the Burmese who agrees with the sentence “a people get the government they deserve”. Imagine Had all our people really realized the need of democracy, we would have got it a long time ago. In this case, our people doesn’t mean “us” only.