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For more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. In compliance with Listing Rule 9. Printed copies of the Annual Report will be posted on 18 August 2017 to those shareholders who have requested it. Company’s Full Year 2017 results announcement issued on 18 July 2017 which can be found at www. Together these constitute the information required by DTR.

The principal risks set out below are extracted from pages 37 to 41 of the Annual Report and are repeated here solely for the purpose of complying with DTR 6. IG’s Risk Taxonomy categorises the principal risks faced by the firm into five areas: the risks inherent in the regulatory environment, the risks inherent in the commercial environment, business model risk, operational risk and conduct risk. The major risks identified within each of these areas are summarised in the table below, and overleaf we provide an overview of how IG seeks to manage them. The risk that the regulatory environment in which the Group operates changes in a way that has an adverse effect on the Group’s business or operations. The risk faced by the Group arising from the nature of its business and its business model. The risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people activities, systems or external events.

The risk that the Group is unable to attract and retain the staff it requires to operate its business successfully. The risk that the Group’s conduct poses to the achievement of fair outcomes for consumers or to the sound, stable, resilient and transparent operation of the financial markets. IG operates in a highly regulated environment which is continually evolving. IG defines regulatory environment risk as the risk that the regulatory environment in any of the jurisdictions in which the Group currently operates, or may wish to operate in, changes in a way that has an adverse effect on the Group’s business or operations, through reduction in revenue, increases in costs or increases in capital and liquidity requirements. The Group operates to the highest regulatory standards and leads the industry in the way in which it deals with its clients. The Group maintains a strong relationship with its key regulators and an active dialogue with them to keep abreast of impending regulatory developments.

The Group has responded to all relevant consultations, with each of the regulatory proposals analysed in depth. A comprehensive analysis has been presented to regulators through a series of detailed response documents and consultation meetings. The Group has engaged with a broad range of interested parties to explain its stance on the issues raised. The Board has been actively involved in overseeing the formation and execution of IG’s response to these proposals, receiving regular updates from the Executive Committee advising on the regulatory and legal position and appropriate response strategy.