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This is my first instructable so sorry if it isn’t very good. But if anyone wants a tutorial on how to setup a Raspberry Pi I will try and make one. To begin we can SSH into our raspberry pi by using a program like putty. After we have done this I recommend updating and upgrading your raspberry pi.

Use the next command to do this. After you enter this command you will probably be asking if you want to continue. Just press y and then enter. Once that has finished installing it is time for the next step. So what we are going to do is make it so that our media hard drive is mounted on start-up. To do this the first thing we need to do is plug in our media drive.

Make sure you plug it into the powered USB hub and not directly into the raspberry pi because sometimes that can cause problems. What this does is it shows use important information about the drives that are connected to our raspberry pi. In the picture I have circled the name of my drive in white. 1000 GB which is the size of my drive. In red I have circled the format of the drive which we will need in the next step.

We need to have our media drive to be mounted on startup so that we can access its contents. To do this we are going to need to make a folder to mount it to. HDD What this command does is makes a folder called HDD in the media directory. So once we have made this folder we need to give it read write permissions. HDDThis command command tells the folder HDD that it has all permission.

This means that it has read and write permissions which is what we wanted. Now we need to edit the fstab file. This is the file that the raspberry pi operating system refers to when it is looking to see which dives to mount at startup so we need to put our media drive in that file. Once in this file you will notice that it is not the same as Microsoft Word which you might be familiar to.

You need to use the arrow keys to navigate around. HDD vfat defaults 0 2Ok so the line that you just added might be a bit confusing so I will try to explain it. 1 is the is the name of the hard drive that you want to add. The next part is the place where you are going to mount it to.