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What will your civilization stand for? Civilization is a popular “4X” Long Runner game series. The general concept is that the player controls a civilization from the stone age through the present day into the space age. The first installments gave you two ways to win: conquering everyone, or sending a colony to Alpha Centauri.

So much, a joke ‘Civilization Anonymous’ website was made. Technically, the re-arrangement of the piece for the album “Calling All Dawns. Grammy Award, which hopefully will spur the Grammy Awards into including an award for “interactive fiction” music scores and songs. Not to be confused with the 1916 silent film with the same title or the noted 1969 BBC documentary about art history. Acceptable Breaks from Reality: Many, as a game which truly approximated all the headaches of running an Empire would only be interesting to professors, extremely hardcore gamers, and megalomaniacs.

Achievement Mockery: Some of V’s achievements are less than complimentary, including “He threw a car at my head! Used completely straight in the earlier games. Mostly averted in IV, except that the AI negotiators know precisely what the relative values of various goods are, leading to weirdness such as knowing the value of trading world maps when they shouldn’t know what’s on yours. In V, AI players frequently “covet your lands,” despite having never visited your land and not knowing where it is or what resources it has. One may, early in the game, witness the AI placing cities in almost dead tundra areas of no value, at the cost of better areas, and proceed to defend these places heavily. This is not the settler-happy AI function at work and it has nothing to do with the land’s value at this time.

The AI is aware of locations of all resources no matter the age. Later ages will reveal these resources to players with proper research. Alliance Meter: Every game tracks your relationships with other civilizations using one, factoring in both opinions and existing treaties. In V, each city state has one for each full-sized civ. Kings expansion to make more sense, with clear delineators for how pissed-off they were at you for doing something like trespassing.

Always Chaotic Evil: The Barbarians are universally violent into Omnicidal Maniac territory, and unlike other civs, they simply cannot be reasoned with whatsoever. Add various religions and government styles to the mix and you have a recipe for oddness. While the leaders’ themes in V are often songs that technically originate from the appropriate culture, they sometimes come from a very different period than the rest of the civ’s aesthetic. Achaemenid Empire that Civ V Persia is based upon.