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Casting objects to arrays is a pain. Yes, that looks like an array with two keys with the same name and it looks like the protected field was prepended with an asterisk. 0′ so be careful when playing around with this. The object casting methods presented here do not take into account the class hierarchy of the class you’re trying to cast your object into. Convert an object to a specific class. Type casting from string to int and vice versa is probably the most common conversation. Checking for strings to be integers?

How about if a string is a float? When checking for floats, we assume the possibility of no decimals needed. You REALLY must be aware what you are doing, when you cast a lot  in your code. 0 to the string – PHP will do the rest.

I found it tricky to check if a posted value was an integer. A method I use for checking if a string represents an integer value. If either operand is a float, then both operands are evaluated as floats, and the result will be a float. Otherwise, the operands will be interpreted as integers, and the result will also be an integer. I understand what the doc is trying to say here, but this sentence is not correct as stated, other types can be coerced into floats.