Valueerror unbuffered streams must be binary options

The stdout and stderr arguments may not be used as well. The timeout argument is passed to Popen. If the timeout expires, the child process will be killed and waited for. The input argument is passed to Popen. If used it must be a byte sequence, or a string if encoding or errors is specified or text is true. Attributes of that exception hold the arguments, the exit code, and stdout and stderr if they were captured. If encoding or errors are specified, or text is true, file objects for stdin, stdout and stderr are opened in text mode using the specified encoding and errors or the io.

The universal_newlines argument is equivalent to text and is provided for backwards compatibility. By default, file objects are opened in binary mode. Added the text parameter, as a more understandable alias of universal_newlines. The arguments used to launch the process. This may be a list or a string. Exit status of the child process. Typically, an exit status of 0 indicates that it ran successfully.

Captured stdout from the child process. Captured stderr from the child process. Base class for all other exceptions from this module. Command that was used to spawn the child process. If the process exited due to a signal, this will be the negative signal number. For most typical use cases, many of these arguments can be safely left at their default values. For more information see the documentation of the io.

If text mode is not used, stdin, stdout and stderr will be opened as binary streams. No encoding or line ending conversion is performed. Added the text parameter as an alias for universal_newlines. The newlines attribute of the file objects Popen. It offers a lot of flexibility so that developers are able to handle the less common cases not covered by the convenience functions. Execute a child program in a new process.